Monday, June 16, 2008

Redhawks game turned bad!

We took Brad to a Redhawks game on 6/14 for Father's Day and his parents joined us. The game was to start at 6pm, didn't get started until 7:05!! Dylan I think had more fun eating and watching all the people around him then he did actually watching the game! He is my people watcher and everytime Hawkeye came around, he just glared at him, not a fan that's for sure!!!

Then you have Grant, who absolutely loves the sport of baseball, much to his Dad's liking! He enjoyed every minute of the game, that we got to see anyway! Such a ham ball he is!!

Then around 7:50 they announced that we all had to leave the field area due to a tornado warning that was just issued until 8:20. We could either leave on our own choosing or go underneath the stands. We chose to go under the stands to be safe with the kids. They surprisingly did very well! About 8:30 were able to go back up and we watched it poor under the overhang and took some pretty awesome pictures! We ended up not getting to see the end of the game however as they didn't get it restarted until 10:15! So we will have to shoot for another game soon that we can get in more than 2 innings!

Some Brotherly Love!

These are some rare moments we somehow caught on camera. They are boys, so they tend to get into disagreements and fight over their toys quite often. But then there are these moments that I like to capture just so I can show them one day that they really did get along!!! Grant is usually my more lovable, huggable one and Dylan, well you take what you can get from him when he decides to give it to you!

As you can see by this picture, Grant is way more interested in loving his brother than Dylan is, but he obliged without a fight!

This of course is my favorite!

Have to treasure these, cause they won't last forever!!!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Lake Fun!

Sara's folks have a year round seasonal lot on Big Pine Lake in Perham. We enjoy going down there almost every weekend during the summer months as do the boys. They have a pool as well as the lake so the kids can spend some time in there playing. Some of Sara's family also have spots on the lake so we get to together with them all the time. Sara's aunt bought this wheelbarrel for Dylan to play with and he sure enjoyed carrying his turtle around all weekend!

It was obviously a little cool this weekend, but he enjoyed it anyway as you can see. I think he pushed this turtle around for hours!

This is Uncle John, he loves to take the boys around for rides on the golf carts or take them to play ping pong, volleyball or throwing them into the pool! He's like a big kid himself and the boys just love him for that!

Prom DGF!

Here is our daycare's daughter Emily and both of our boys' girlfriend in their terms. She is a senior at DGF and absolutely adores our kids.

Emily and her date Brandon with Dylan and Nora, another daycare kid and Dylan's other Girlfrien. Dylan and Nora give each other a good morning kiss almost every day!! That could be trouble!

Here is Emily with Dylan and Nora again, Grant was not impressed with taking anymore pictures at this point! Emily was very "beautiful" in Grant's terms and in ours! She is the best!