Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Tables Du Jour

Well Stef and I decided to try something new this year. Each year the Shrine puts on a fundraising event to raise money for the Shriners Hospital in Minneapolis. We attended the event last year at my mom's table and had a blast. So we thought, we could do this...We had so much fun designing our table, coming up with a theme and then the dinner we had with great friends and family.

This picture above is my mom's table that she did with Caludia. It's an Apple Orchard theme, doesn't it look great! She had apple plates and apples all around! The picture below is my Aunt Sharie's and Diane's table. It's a chocolate lovers table with a chocolate fountain in the middle!! I think I could have sat at this table all day and ate the fondue!

This brings us to our table! As you can see it's a baseball themed table. Go figure right, with my household having entirely too much baseball stuff in it, was pretty easy!!! Stef had all the plates and accessories for the table, I had the bats, balls, jerserys and such of course!!! haha.

Stef made the best popcorn cupcakes ever that were placed on top of the popcorn boxes for our dessert! They were so yummy, she is so creative! I wish I had 1/2 of what she does!!! It was so fun to spend the time with her doing this and to show off her creative side! We are signed up for next year already, so look out! haha

We got to wear jerseys ourself! Funny thing, I am an Anderson now, and she was prior to being Married! Love it! These were Brad's high school jerseys!

Pray For Gray

This was the first annual Pray for Gray event that my cousin Julie Fletcher put on. It's to raise money and awarness for the American Brain Tumor Association. Julie was diagnosed on 2007 with Stage 4 Brain Cancer. She has fought hard to win this battle and has done so in a great way, she is giving back! I am so beyond proud of her for being strong, courageous and giving during her battle. Which she is winning succesfully by the way!!! This event was an absolute gift to everyone that attended! Can't wait for the 2nd annual the others to follow! I love you Julie!!!

Julie and my very supportive and loving Aunt Sharie and Uncle Gary. They have done so much for Julie and the family.

My beautiful grandma and mother!

Me and the guest of honor. What an honor to be apart of such a wonderful event! Thank you Julie!

Me and Jami Jo!!! I have never had sister, but these 4 girls are it for me!! Love you ladies!

The entire Hegle clan! Aren't they beautiful people! Love you all and can't wait for next year!!!