Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Dylan's 2nd Birthday!

And was Dylan's big Day! The birthday boy didn't
want to wake up though on his day! As you can see he was cashed out in our bed and was not even caring that it was his birthday! Grandma Doris made him his very own cake along with a butterfly cake with M&M's on top and the boys took much joy in eating all of them!!!

This is one of my favorite pictures! You can see just how much of a devilish face Dylan can have!! He was saying cheese as you can see Grant was trying but with a full mouth it doesn't work so well!
Dylan also got a new ride for his birthday! A spiderman cycle! It makes lots of noises and one of the boys is constantly on it!! Thanks poppa Lloyd and grandma Sue!!!

Birthday Party!

The big bash was held the Friday in between the boys' birthday's. I can still do a combined one until they each want their own and are old enough so for now, we do them together! Here is Grant and his cousins Luke and Logan having fun in the playhouse the boys got from us for their Birthday's. It was a gorgeous day and warm so the kids had fun playing in the pool and in the playhouse! Hard to get them out!!

Nora had so much fun in the pool with the boys. She goes to daycare with them and they all get a long great!! She can keep up with my 2 just fine! She is about 6 weeks older than Dylan and they are best buds!
Dylan received Grant's old bike so Uncle Marc and Amanda gave him his own bike helmet and gear! He wants to wear it all the time! Even in the house! Here is Dylan at his best! Saying "Hi" with all his gear on and ready to go find that bike!!!

Grant's 4th Birthday!

Well it's finally here! Grant has waited a long time for this day to come! He was so excited when he woke up he could hardly stand it! Grandma Sue and Great Grandma Lois made him this awesome Jello cake, which is one of his favs and then he got to pick where he wanted to go for dinner. Of all places, he picks Hi Ho! Mainly because of the air hockey table in the back!!! He played for quite some time before we finally dragged him out of there!

Grant got a new bike from Grandma and Grandpa Ouellette and couldn't wait to try it out! We are working on no training wheels but still has a ways to go! Grandma and Grandpa Anderson got him a helmet to go with the new bike! He loved all of it!!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

1st Twins Game of the year!

The boys were just enamored the entire game! They were so good and sat well during the game! Grant doesn't like cotton candy at all as you can see! He was almost ready to lick it clean! I don't think he shared too much with anyone else! The boys shared a seat for parts of the game and sat well together without fighting! Grant can't wait to go back and see Justin play again! He was so excited to point him out and watch him play!! Might be a future Twin player!

Fun in the backyard!

We bought the boys a playhouse for their birthdays this year and set it up a little early so they can enjoy it before summer is over! They can play for hours which is great for us, we can do yardwork while they play! Here is Grant being silly like usual and Dylan just loves to sit and ring the doorbell the whole time!

We also bought a bigger pool! The small one we once had was all of a sudden not large enough for both of them to play in at the same time, so we bought a little bit bigger one! Grant thinks we need to have those huge above ground ones, I told him maybe when they are a little older we will think about it! Here cousin Brady came over to play with the boys. THey like to put their chairs in the pool and relax a bit as well! They also have a Cars water mat they run on and it shoots water up, they go from that and then run and jump into the pool!

July 4th Celebration!

This year we stayed in town and took the boys over to MSUM's parade and games! The boys weren't the biggest fans of the parade, at least not the loud noises from all the trucks and fire engines but still enjoyed seeing everything else! Some friends of ours joined us, the Retzers, as well as Grandma and Grandpa Anderson. On the left is the boys with Ellie and Abbie Retzer. Aren't they just dolls!

After the parade we headed to the games! Both boys couldn't wait. Grant I think could have played games until it was dark out! But we did stay for a couple hours.

The boys got their face painted as well! Of course it was baseballs and not fireworks!

They were both out by the time the actual fireworks started at 10:30 but some of our neighbors were shooting them off and Dylan liked to watch them but didn't like how loud they were! Maybe next year they will enjoy that more!