Thursday, October 28, 2010

Twins game

Well we made it to 2 games this year at the new stadium and for that we were happy! The boys got to go with for both of them, which they loved! There were 12 of us all together that went, so it was a lot of fun. My parents, both brothers, girlfriends, Brad's parents and our family!

Grant doing a pose! He was just happy he was tall enough to grab the bat!

Dylan during the game was all ready with his rally hat! It was a beautiful night out as well! Very humid but still nice! We weren't complaining a bit!

I just love these pictures with Mickey. Dylan found Mickey and was over the top excited. I think we ended up with about 15 pictures of him, but I will only post these ones! He kept telling, me take 1 more picture mom! As you can see by his expression, he was quite excited!

After the Twins win! I love how Grant snuck into the picture with me and my mom!

Dylan being Dylan. Here they are with my brother Marc and his girlfriend Amanda! It was their first game and they had a great time! I think we need to buy my brother some Twins gear! hint, hint

Grant was off running so we only got Dylan in this picture with Brad's parents. This was their first game as well and they too had a great time!

Dylan with my mom again being silly!

2010 season is over, but we are hoping to make it to a few more games next year as well! So happy to have outdoor baseball again!

Science Museum

While we were in the cities for the State Fair trip, we decided to hit the Children's Musuem. We hadn't been there in a few years so decided it was time to take a trip back. The kids had a great time checking everything out!

Dylan had more fun hiding in the ant hill farm. One kid however, got lost. The mother was a mess and the child was hiding and wouldn't come out! I sat there and thought to myself, that could easily have been my child. Dylan would sit there and not come out until we found him! thankfully, I was not the mother this year in that position!

The boys had a lot of fun in the Wizard of Oz room! Here they are building the rainbow. Very cool to see them work together to build something! They were pretty proud boys when it was complete!

I wish we had something like this in town that we could visit more often as I think it's great for the kids to be able to do a lot of this hands on stuff. They painted pictures and climbed things and created memories.

State Fair annual trip!

Well we again made our annual trip to the MN state fair. We started this about 3 years ago. We go on a Sunday, hit the state fair, twins game and whatever else we have time for. We usually stay until Wednesday. Seems to be less people going during the week and we don't have to fight too many crowds this way. The boys love that they don't have to wait in long lines for anything! One of their favorites is the Merry Go Round!

Of course we have to make a few runs down the giant slide. Here is Dylan with his Uncle Matt and Grant with me. It was so funny because we just took off about half way down and we were laughing so hard because we felt like we had no control! As you can see, we beat them! hahah!

A few shots of hockey in the Wild shootout!

Dylan finishing one of his 4 corn dogs! as the boys get older we sure notice how much more food we buy! I think next year we will start saving now for just a food fund!

It was very hot again this year, almost 90 degrees out! So at the end of the day, to cool off before heading back to the hotel, Grant wanted to hit the water ride of course! So Brad took him along with Brad's parents down the ride. I offered to stay and watch all personal stuff that they didn't want to get wet. At this point, my mom, brother and Dylan had left for the hotel. Dylan just couldn't take that many hours yet! But Grant could stay all day and night if we let him. He loved this ride. I think next year we will have to take it more than once I'm afraid!
Well another great year at the Great MN get together! We enjoy our mini vacation every year and the boys now have it on their calendars for next year!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Summer fun....

Thought I would just do a post of some summer fun that our family had! Every year my father-in-law is in charge of our town's parade. It's called Loco Daze and runs about 1 full week in either the end of July or first part of August. Most MN towns have these days and they are so fun to get together! Friday we start off with the kiddie parade and the tractor pull. The kiddos love to try their luck with the tractor pull! Then on Saturday early morning we get out to start lining up the parade entrants which are around 120 entries! This year they held the first 5K run which I did so I wasn't able to help out until a bit later which was okay. The boys are getting old enough now where they want to sit and watch too so we get good seats early so we can have the best view. Saturday during the day they have bounce houses and games set up so the kids can have a blast! The past 2 years it has been quite warm however so we don't last all day! Then Saturday night the kids go with the grandparents and us adults enjoy an evening outdoor concert by a local band here in town! It's a fun event that we enjoy doing every summer! Can't wait for our kids to be old enough to run the parade! hahha

Here is Grant trying out the tractor pull, he did pretty well!

Dylan takes his turn as well!

Then my nephew Brady is up!

We had a wedding of a good friend of mine at the end of August that we went to! I have known Holly since I moved her 10 years ago and has been a great friend of mine. She was my personal attendant in my wedding actually! We had a great time and the kids love to dance as you can see!
Here is a family picture that actually turned out pretty well!

This group of girls are some the best friends anyone can ask for! Kara, Stef and Jeanette have all been good friends of mine for quite some time now and they get me through the rough spots when the hubby just can't figure us women out! hahah

I'm afraid of what this means! He's only 4 and Olivia (kara's daughter) just turned 4!~ Aren't they cute though! They were slow dancing together during one of the slow songs, cracked me up! Don't you love the flip collar too! haha! bringing back the 80's! it was an 80's song playing as well!

All the kiddos were given this Flarp stuff which I had not heard of but the kids LOVED it! They found many things to do with it to keep them occupied during the festivities! If you pushed it back into the container it would make a sound like you were passing gas. Of course my son had to do it during the dinner prayer!
Grant found that if you put a drink straw in it and blew through it, look at what it can do! They all had to see just how big they could blow them up!

Dylan had to get in on the action too of course!

Me with Dylan and my niece Samantha! Isn't she a doll!

These are just some of the highlights from summer! There are many more, but I'm afraid with how far behind I am in blogging already, I may never get them posted! So I just gave you a glimpse of what summer was for us! Hope you all enjoyed it as now fall has begun! ugh... Until next summer...

Monday, September 20, 2010

Birthday Party....

They took time from all the swimming and playing outdoors to come in for pictures with their cakes. Both of their great-grandma's are in the background (both 91)! and their cousin Katie. We had a Dale Junior cake and a Toy Story cake this year.

Here they are with a group of some of the kids that came to celebrate. Not all of them are here in this picture, the others will still outside playing in the pool or on the slip n slide and who could blame them!

Here's to another year boys! Grant you are 6 already, time goes by so fast and you are now starting the long 13 years of school! Dylan, you get bigger everytime I turn around! I miss having my baby!!!! May all of your wishes and dreams come true boys! We love you!

Birthday Palooza!

We started out the morning of July 9th with a day off of play with the boys. It was Grant's 6th birthday on that friday morning and their big party was that night. So we decided to spend some time with them before everyone else came to celebrate! We asked them what they wanted to do and of course they picked to go mini-golfing! The boys love to play and they seem to beat us every time! Not sure how that works! Next it was off to lunch, then home to rest a bit before some 50 people came over to help them celebrate their big days!

Look at the 2 pros out there! It turned out to be a gorgeous day about 86 and no one on the course! even better!

Stop for a quick shot!

In front of their favorite hole, with water of course!

I am going to split these posts up otherwise they will be just way too long. So this was our morning activities. No pictures from lunch, we went to space aliens though.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

4th of July!

Our annual 4th of July Golf Cart parade at the lake! The boys look foward to this every year! We decorate the cart all up and drive around the campground with other golf carts and throw candy out! Here is our prize winning golf cart from this year! Grant is up front with me and Dylan is in the back with Jessica and Grace!

Here is the back view of our cart! Grace was almost asleep here!

Close up of some of our decorations! we had so much fun!

On to the fireworks show! Dylan never made it! He slept in the car right threw them. We parked about a few blocks away from MSUM to watch the fireworks so that Dylan could sleep still.

Grant and I in the front seat waiting for the show to start!

Beautiful! I absolutely love the 4th of July and fireworks!! Grant doesn't care so much for the loud ones and it's a good thing Dylan was sleeping as he doesn't either!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Tony Stewart Night at RRVS

My cousin Katie's boyfriend Dave races every Wednesday night out at the Speedway in West Fargo here in town. So she was kind enough to get tickets for all of us to come out to see Tony Stewart race amongst the town drivers. It was such a fun night and drew a huge crowd!!! Here he is in his #14 car!

me and Dylan enjoying the race. I was so glad the boys had these for their ears!! They never took their eyes off the track as you can see here! They wouldn't even eat the food we bought them!

Here is my mom and the boys standing and waiting for the next race to get started! It was a perfect night out there too!

They brought Tony up to the stands and he answered some questions and then did a drive by in the truck, it was so fun to see such a popular driver come up here to the Tundra to do a race for the fans! He is actually coming back already to race in the all star race. The guy in the truck with him is Donny Schaatz. He drives for Tony in the world of outlaw series and he and his dad own the track and that is how they got Tony to come here to drive! Nice to know someone huh!

Pre K Graduation

Well this was it, Grant's final Pre-K graduation. We chose to hold him back 1 year so he took his Pre-K class twice and was able to attend graduation twice because of it! This time it was difficult when I saw class of 2023 to think that was going to be the year he would finish High School. The kids put on such a great program for us and he had so much fun doing it!

This is Dylan and Grant with their teacher that helped out in both of their classes this year. Dylan will have Grant's teachers now for the next 2 years as well. We decided to hold him back as well with them both having July birthday's and I think giving them that extra year to mature is such a great thing, especially for boys! They sure need it!

Here is us with the new graduate, happy as can be!

In front of the school the boys will attend through 9th grade! Lots of years will be spent here!