Thursday, July 29, 2010

4th of July!

Our annual 4th of July Golf Cart parade at the lake! The boys look foward to this every year! We decorate the cart all up and drive around the campground with other golf carts and throw candy out! Here is our prize winning golf cart from this year! Grant is up front with me and Dylan is in the back with Jessica and Grace!

Here is the back view of our cart! Grace was almost asleep here!

Close up of some of our decorations! we had so much fun!

On to the fireworks show! Dylan never made it! He slept in the car right threw them. We parked about a few blocks away from MSUM to watch the fireworks so that Dylan could sleep still.

Grant and I in the front seat waiting for the show to start!

Beautiful! I absolutely love the 4th of July and fireworks!! Grant doesn't care so much for the loud ones and it's a good thing Dylan was sleeping as he doesn't either!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Tony Stewart Night at RRVS

My cousin Katie's boyfriend Dave races every Wednesday night out at the Speedway in West Fargo here in town. So she was kind enough to get tickets for all of us to come out to see Tony Stewart race amongst the town drivers. It was such a fun night and drew a huge crowd!!! Here he is in his #14 car!

me and Dylan enjoying the race. I was so glad the boys had these for their ears!! They never took their eyes off the track as you can see here! They wouldn't even eat the food we bought them!

Here is my mom and the boys standing and waiting for the next race to get started! It was a perfect night out there too!

They brought Tony up to the stands and he answered some questions and then did a drive by in the truck, it was so fun to see such a popular driver come up here to the Tundra to do a race for the fans! He is actually coming back already to race in the all star race. The guy in the truck with him is Donny Schaatz. He drives for Tony in the world of outlaw series and he and his dad own the track and that is how they got Tony to come here to drive! Nice to know someone huh!

Pre K Graduation

Well this was it, Grant's final Pre-K graduation. We chose to hold him back 1 year so he took his Pre-K class twice and was able to attend graduation twice because of it! This time it was difficult when I saw class of 2023 to think that was going to be the year he would finish High School. The kids put on such a great program for us and he had so much fun doing it!

This is Dylan and Grant with their teacher that helped out in both of their classes this year. Dylan will have Grant's teachers now for the next 2 years as well. We decided to hold him back as well with them both having July birthday's and I think giving them that extra year to mature is such a great thing, especially for boys! They sure need it!

Here is us with the new graduate, happy as can be!

In front of the school the boys will attend through 9th grade! Lots of years will be spent here!