Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Blizzard 2008

How do you keep from going stir crazy during the Blizzard of the Century you ask? - easy, you just don't let anybody get out of their pajamas. The boys were pretty cool with Mom and Dad being around all day Saturday, Sunday, and Monday due to that little bitty 10" of snow and 40mph winds that lasted the better part of 2 days. Sara and I like to think we were rather intelligent, in that we stopped at the video store on Friday afternoon to pick up some games for the Wii and movies for the boys. All in all, save for the snowblowing and shoveling that were involved, it was a really relaxing 'staycation' at home.
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Christmas picture taking

There are a million things that are too cool to describe about being parents, and only a handful that are "rewarding only after great turmoil". Taking the Christmas picture is one of those handful kinda things. It usually entails getting the boys on a night where they're not too tired, not too wound up, not too distracted, not too hungry, not to full, and a lot of other things. Then, you have to find one or two people to take pictures in rapid fire style, and another couple people to stand behind them, making complete and total fools of themselves in pursuit of getting the boys to look the right direction, and make it look like they're enjoying themselves while the flashes pop.

As we're taking this picture, I keep thinking....... how in the world did our parents not kill us while we were screwing up in the time before digital photography?!??

Anywho - here's the picture of the four of us that became our Christmas Card, as well as Brad's folks' card with their three Grandkids (Cuzin Brady included)
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Lil' ones Christmas Party

This past Saturday - the 14th, Grant and Dylan were able to go to the 3-5 year olds Christmas party at church. Pretty safe to say they both had a great time as they heard stories, munched on pizza, played games in the Gym at church, made wreathes out of hand cutouts, and decorated cookies. I'll be the first one to admit that I was a little surprised that some of the frosting, licorice strips, sprinkles and M&M's actually made it ON the cookies and not directly into the little mouths.

Proud Papa moment - when Grant was in the Gym playing games, they played a game where they had a "grinch" in the middle who would call groups that had to run cross court without being touched by "the grinch". I was plenty nervous that when Grant's turn to be the Grinch came around, he'd revert back to his naturally shy nature - man was I wrong, not only was he not shy, he was chasing people with serious VIGOR. The only problem I had was that when he got close, he was diving for his targets...... on the hard basketball floor. I love the hustle and everything but when Torii Hunter was diving for balls on the Metrodome floor, even that had a little bit of cushion, this kid was laying out on a Gym floor - big props to the kid... .and his bruised elbows!

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Dad - the Bookshelf is CLEAN!

Those were the words I was greeted with when I came down to check on the way-too-quiet boys. Actually, it was a really cool story, I walked in, saw every book they own scattered across Grant's floor, and without a beat, he looked up at me, saw I was a little chaffed about the situation and he said, "Daddy, look....... the bookshelf is all clean!!!!" Seriously, whattya going to say to that - it was funny as heck, so we laughed, had Sara come take a look at it, and then picked it up...... I still have no idea what Dylan was doing up there, why he was up there, and what made him want to do it again the next day....
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Tree Time!

Nothing is quite so fun as watching the boys decorate the tree - nothing, except watch Sara decorate the tree. I'm 100% safe in saying that if Sara could, this tree would have been put up about 5 minutes after we got home on Thanksgiving night.

Finally, about a week and change later, Sara got her wish, and a MASSIVE Balsam fir had taken up residence in the living room. I don't use 'massive' in a light term, as I'm serious, this things uh.... branch-span, is a little taller than my 6'1" frame, so far, so good, we haven't found any woodland creatures in it, nor lost any children wandering amongst it's branches.

It's kinda tough making sure the little men understand that Christmas is about more than the tree, the lights, and the presents, but, they're only 4 and 2, so we'll cut them some slack.

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Hockey Night in Fargo

Being a hockey fan (and a nattily dressed GOPHER hockey fan at that) since he could understand watching TV, Grant had never been at a live hockey game. Brad decided that streak should end at an SEI (Brad's office) company event at the UP center, home of the USHL's Fargo Force. In short - Grant loved it, even attached himself to a new favorite player, Chase GRANT #21.

No doubts that we'll be back before too long, even though the Force didn't play so well, Grant insisted that we not get up until the very end to leave, just in case they scored. (Talk about your diehard, never give up Minnesota Sports fan........ Granty is in for a long life of dissapointment from our home-state pro teams I'm afraid)
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Turkey day the entire family was at Grandma and Poppa Anderson's house this turn of the calendar. The boys loved the meal, the playtime with Cousin Brady, the second meal, more playtime and reading books with Poppa Jerry and Great-Gram Doris (If you see this, don't tell her she's on the internet in a picture ANYWHERE, she'll let me hear it for a good long while!)

Grant even picked up a new favorite dice game called farkel - yes, you read that right, we're encouraging a 4 year old to shoot dice for points and profit (chill - we were playing for lefse leftovers)

The picture at the bottom is a good one, the boys were riding their favorite pack animal - Aunt Lisa, and about 2 seconds after this picture is taken, Dylan decided to get off rather abruptly and kissed the hardwood floor..... with his forehead - talk about unrequited love eh?

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We love a Parade..... it means candy

Seriously - who Tailgates for a Parade?!??

Easy - the Anderson's do. Each year, the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, the Fargo-Moorhead Downtown Business Association puts on a Parade of lights which goes on rain, sleet, snow, or hail to a pretty good crowd through it's 20 block run. And, nothing goes with a parade in November like lawn chairs, long johns, and hot chocolate (with some cookies thrown in. Great times!

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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Halloween Fun!

Well this Halloween was super fun because Grant really got into the trick or treating and dressing up and the fun Halloween stuff. Dylan is also figuring out that you get dressed up and walk around and say trick or treat and people give you candy which he thought was great! He also wanted to sleep with his costume on! Here the kids are with their pumpkins, they both wanted bats with a moon, but we only got 1 out of the 2 done that way as you can see. The 2nd child never gets much say in things that's for sure!

Dylan was Elmo this year as you can see and picked out his own costume, as soon as he saw this in the store he wouldn't let go yelling mo,mo the whole time!!! Here he is being goofy, like usual, by pulling the head piece down over this face so you can't see his face. He knew we were taking pictures and decided he was done with pictures.
Here he finally pulled it up so we could see his sweet innocent little face! hahah.
Here is both of them dressed up. Grant was a Twins baseball play, Justin Morneau to be exact! He wouldn't put his glove down all night, even with his bucket full of candy that glove never came off his hand! It was absolutely beautiful outside as you can see which made for a great night outdoors!

The 3 cousins after trick or treating!!! Brady was Jeff Gordon as you can see and the 3 of them had so much fun!!! We can't wait for next year already and Grant thinks he already knows what he wants to be next year!! That will change a hundred times between now and then that's for sure!

Dylan loves playing Hide and Seek!

Hide and Seek, Dylan's favorite game to play! Here he is deciding that this looks like a great place to try!
One of themost obvious spots for Dylan to hide but realizes he can't quite get the door completely shut!!! But, sure won't be so funny when one day we can't find him!!!

He hides in stores, , places we go or at home, doesn't matter where, just loves to see who can find him!
We keep a pretty close on this one!!!!

Goofing off!

So it's been a while since I have been here to update anything so will try and do a few here to get some updated pictures of the boys for everyone! Here are just a few of these 2 goofballs that everyday just keep feeding off each other!!!
Here are a few of when they thought it was a good idea to try out some hair gel! Brad was apparently downstairs at the time and came up to see big globs of stuff in their hair. So he figured why not style their hair a bit to go along with all that gel!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Well, the day has come. The first born starts his 13 + years of higher learning. While mom and dad are starting their first day of more worries, stress and homework! Grant was so excited to say the least for his first of many days of school! I on the other hand wasn't taking it so well!! To send him into a unknown place with strangers was a bit nerve racking. His teachers though, are wonderful people and he adores them! Since we are new to this whole school thing, we forgot about the school shopping for clothes, new shoes and school supplies!! Who would of thunk we needed all these things for a 4 year old! But we ventured out, got him some clothes and shoes and he was the most excited to pick out his Spiderman backpack!! We are 3 weeks into it and he is still enjoying every day, although he did miss 1 day due to lack of a lot of sleep, but so far he is doing well! Loving every day and making new things that he can't wait to come home and show us!! So hopefully by the time Dylan is ready to start this adventure, I will be much more prepared!! Here are 2 pictures of him before heading into the big school!! haha

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Dylan's 2nd Birthday!

And finally....it was Dylan's big Day! The birthday boy didn't
want to wake up though on his day! As you can see he was cashed out in our bed and was not even caring that it was his birthday! Grandma Doris made him his very own cake along with a butterfly cake with M&M's on top and the boys took much joy in eating all of them!!!

This is one of my favorite pictures! You can see just how much of a devilish face Dylan can have!! He was saying cheese as you can see Grant was trying but with a full mouth it doesn't work so well!
Dylan also got a new ride for his birthday! A spiderman cycle! It makes lots of noises and one of the boys is constantly on it!! Thanks poppa Lloyd and grandma Sue!!!

Birthday Party!

The big bash was held the Friday in between the boys' birthday's. I can still do a combined one until they each want their own and are old enough so for now, we do them together! Here is Grant and his cousins Luke and Logan having fun in the playhouse the boys got from us for their Birthday's. It was a gorgeous day and warm so the kids had fun playing in the pool and in the playhouse! Hard to get them out!!

Nora had so much fun in the pool with the boys. She goes to daycare with them and they all get a long great!! She can keep up with my 2 just fine! She is about 6 weeks older than Dylan and they are best buds!
Dylan received Grant's old bike so Uncle Marc and Amanda gave him his own bike helmet and gear! He wants to wear it all the time! Even in the house! Here is Dylan at his best! Saying "Hi" with all his gear on and ready to go find that bike!!!

Grant's 4th Birthday!

Well it's finally here! Grant has waited a long time for this day to come! He was so excited when he woke up he could hardly stand it! Grandma Sue and Great Grandma Lois made him this awesome Jello cake, which is one of his favs and then he got to pick where he wanted to go for dinner. Of all places, he picks Hi Ho! Mainly because of the air hockey table in the back!!! He played for quite some time before we finally dragged him out of there!

Grant got a new bike from Grandma and Grandpa Ouellette and couldn't wait to try it out! We are working on no training wheels but still has a ways to go! Grandma and Grandpa Anderson got him a helmet to go with the new bike! He loved all of it!!