Friday, September 11, 2009

Cousin Birthday Party

Sara's cousin Jami and her have been close cousins since they were little. So now that they each have kids of their own, of course we hope the same for our kids to have that same relationship. We try to get them together when we can for playdates and of course birthday's! Logan and Grant are just over a month apart and boy can you tell! We headed down to my Aunt Sharie's lake place for the birthday party!

I love this picture of the 3 of them sitting at their very own table eating their lunch!

Here is the group of cousins waiting for Logan to blow out his candles! Love this cake! It's a cowboy boot and it turned out fantastic! Tasted very good too!

Then the fun began! Uncle Gary put in a trampoline in the lake by the docks! The kids have never been on one before so I wasn't sure what they would do, but looking at the pictures, you never would have guessed it! They loved it and I had to drag them away when it was time to leave!!! This one it looks like they were all having a tough time standing back up!

Dylan and Olivia got their turn without the big kids to have some fun too!!! These 2 are so cute together!

Best of buds!!! Happy 5th Birthday Logan!!!!! Can't wait for the next party!!!