Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Dylan's graduation!

Well another school year in the books for Dylan! One more year left of pre-school and he will be off to Kindergarten! Can't believe by next year I will have 2 kids in school full time! Scary thought!
Here Dylan is with his class getting ready to sing some songs!

Proud big brother with the graduate!

Dylan and his best friend Nora. They have been together since birth almost! Started daycare together when they were each about 8 weeks old. Little sad as Nora is moving on to Kindergarten this year, she is a few months older than Dylan.

Great grandma Lois with the newly graduate, well almost anyway!

Danica, Dylan and Nora! Jeepers, I am going to have to watch these girls as he gets a bit older! Just call me Hef is what I think his response would be!

One more year to go and we are done with Pre-school for good! Sad to see some of his friends move on, but he will make many new ones next year as well!

My birthday and girls trip!

Well another year goes by, another year older! However, I am going to be 29 and holding for as long as I can be! My boys even went along with the 29 candles on my cake! hahah!
They helped me blow them out!

My boys made my cake this year with very little help from anyone! They were so proud of it! They wanted a pink cake, with pink frosting and red writing. That's exactly what I got! Grant wrote the Happy Birthday and Dylan filled the Mom in the middle! Love my boys!

After my birthday, we had a girls fun trip to the cities to celebrate all of our birthday's! We had a blast! Here we are at the hotel heading out to the game! Kirstin, Karlye, Stacey and myself!

Stacey, Karlye and myself in my famous self portraits! hahah!

Girls at Hrbek's before the game having a few beers and apps!

Here the 4 of us are standing under the heat lamps as it was freezing out that day! We never did sit in our seats the entire game! We stood with the heat and a beer in hand!

We had so much fun, we are going to make this an annual trip as well! Hit a Twins game and of course shopping was done! Thanks ladies for a great trip!

Vegas baby!

Well another March came and went and another year at the Vegas racetrack! This was our 9th year now! Can't believe the 7 of us have been going that long! Something I look forward to every year with my family! Here are my cousins Jill and Jami at saturday's race! Great day at the track!

My cousin Jodi, my mom and aunt Sharie enjoying the race on Saturday!

This was taken during Sunday's race! Another gorgeous day out there. Only thing is it gets a bit windy from our seats! We sit about 8 rows up from the racetrack!

6 of us during the race! Ready to go! Still early though!

Jeff Gordon and Front Row Joe during driver introductions!

Had to get an up close and personal look at Junior's car before the race!

Tailgaiting after the race! It's about 5pm out there and clouds had just moved it, but we didn't care! Enjoying our beer!

Us again minus me!

Next year is the big 10! Not sure yet, but we are going to do it big. Maybe a big show or 2 or pit passes!!!!! Can't wait ladies!

Christmas 2011!

Well Christmas is always a whirlwind for us! We have since we got married split Christmas Eve. One year it's with my family and the next it's with Brad's family. We have no choice as both our families celebrate on Christmas Eve! This year it was spent with Brad's family.
Here are all 4 grandkids on his side of the family, trying to get a good picture is near impossible with kids at these ages! Grant is 6, Dylan and Brady are 4 and Samantha was almost 18 months old here.

This has to be one of my favorite pictures and I can't wait to pull this one out for her graduation! She found our cooler which had obviously beer in it and she continued to take them out 1 by 1. If you asked her to bring you one, she would gladly do it! What a sweetie!

Now, my family decided this year to push our family Christmas until the following weekend which was New Years weekend! The boys got these blow up cars for their Wii games from their Uncles Marc and Matt. Here they are racing with my cousin's little girl Grace and my dad. Love the look of concentration on Grant's face!

Here is a family picture with my 92 year old Grandma Lois! She looks amazing for her age and acts like she is 50!

Grandma's lap is always full of grandkids! Here Dylan and Grace are holding down the fort!

Dylan loves Toy Story anything! His bedroom is also Toy story themed! He got a snuggie for Christmas from my aunt and uncle and he just loves it!

Dylan racing down the hall with his new car!

See how dramatic boys can be when it comes to games and cars! hahah! They have a blast with this cars!

The bigger boys had to take their turns as well! My brother Marc and my cousin Eric decided it was their turn with the cars! Just a tad too long for them! Oh well, it worked! Although Grant and Dylan beat them both at the race! hahah!

We had a fantastic time over Christmas and we took off a much needed week in between to enjoy it with the boys!

Long Time!

Okay, so I know it's been a really long time since I have posted anything, almost 9 months to be exact, but we have been sooo busy! So I will try and recap as best as I can! So hang in there!

Every Halloween the school takes a bus out to the pumpkin patch for pre-schoolers. This year Dylan was able to go all by himself as Grant's class went together during the day! He loved every second of it, just hanging out with us!

Of course we have to see how tall he is every time we are there!

He had so much fun running on the hay bales with this friends Alex and Mia!

I also was crazy and hosted a Halloween party for some of the kids' friends. Here is the group all together in their costumes! They had so much fun and we can't wait to make it an annual party!

My spidey decorating his carmel apple!

Here are the kiddos at the table doing crafts! We kept them busy!!!

Here are some of them playing in the toy room after all the crafts and candy were done! I love this room as it has a door! hahah

So that's a recap of Halloween. Onto Christmas!