Monday, April 5, 2010

Ice Fishing!

While momma was away, the boys will play! When I was in Las Vegas with my girls for our annual trip, brad took the boys out to my folks' pond for ice fishing! Poppa loves to take the boys to this event every year and Brad was able to join in the fun this year!

Grant concentrates really hard as you can tell by the tounge hanging out of his mouth!

Poppa and Dylan with their fishin rods! Patiently waiting for the fish to start biting! It ended up being a pretty nice day out as well!

Grant still waiting for the fish!

I just love this picture! Dylan is such an old man already at such a young age and he acts like he's in his 50's most days!

Where did everyone go? Dylan is left alone, which could be a bad thing somedays! haha! They enjoyed every minute of hanging out with just guys and doing what men love best, fish!

Sledding Party!

Each month at church we conduct an activity for the 3-5 year old kids. The month of February was our sledding party! Thank goodness the weather cooperated and we were able to get outdoors and have some fun. The last couple of years we have had to postpone our party due to it being so darn cold outside!!!

We started off by making snow angels with the kids and then spraying them with blue colored water so you were able to see them while driving by! They turned out pretty well!

The boys just getting done with run#1 down the hill!

Stacey the organizer and great friend and her daughter Bria were first to try out the hill! Glad it was them and not me!

Grant thought he would go down on his butt just as fast as the sleds in between his runs on the sled! I couldn't get him to sit up there and just wait! Oh well, he is a boy!

Top of hill helping kids get on their sleds for their runs down the hill!

Pastor Kathy was helping the kids go down a smaller hill on their butts outside of church to kill time before we were done with all of the kids' snow angels!

We have so much fun with these activities each month and the boys enjoy their time with the other kids and making projects or just having fun! This month (April) skating! Can't wait!

Valentines Day Treats!

Grandma Jane wanted to surprise us parents this year with a special treat from the kiddos! The boys actually kept the secret from us for almost 1 whole week! I couldn't believe it! They made it longer than a day! Well here is their masterpiece! They made a tier of cupcakes for us and Brad's Sister and husband. The boys were such great help and decorated all of them themselves! Grandma Jane said she had sprinkles on the floor for at least a week!

The boys getting ready to dig in themselves!

Blowing out the candles before sitting down to eat our wonderful treats! Thanks grandma jane for such a yummy surprise!! maybe they will continue this tradition!