Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Well, the day has come. The first born starts his 13 + years of higher learning. While mom and dad are starting their first day of more worries, stress and homework! Grant was so excited to say the least for his first of many days of school! I on the other hand wasn't taking it so well!! To send him into a unknown place with strangers was a bit nerve racking. His teachers though, are wonderful people and he adores them! Since we are new to this whole school thing, we forgot about the school shopping for clothes, new shoes and school supplies!! Who would of thunk we needed all these things for a 4 year old! But we ventured out, got him some clothes and shoes and he was the most excited to pick out his Spiderman backpack!! We are 3 weeks into it and he is still enjoying every day, although he did miss 1 day due to lack of a lot of sleep, but so far he is doing well! Loving every day and making new things that he can't wait to come home and show us!! So hopefully by the time Dylan is ready to start this adventure, I will be much more prepared!! Here are 2 pictures of him before heading into the big school!! haha