Thursday, October 1, 2009

First Days of School!

Grant was super excited about starting another year of school. Although we had to tell him he wasn't going to kindergarten this year like the rest of his classmates from last year. We made the decision being he just turned 5 in July that we were going to hold him back. It's something we know is going to help him in the end. They are in school long enough, and now that it's full day kindergarten, we wanted to give him 1 more year to be just a kid! He is fully enjoying it and we have extra work that the teacher gave us to keep challenging him which is working great!

The boys were both ready to go with their backpacks and as you can see Dylan was not too happy. He was upset cause he didn't go the same days as Grant. Grant goes Monday's and Wednesday's in the afternoon and Dylan goes the opposite days in the mornings.

I just love this picture! Dylan and Nora have known each other since birth and have gone to the same daycare up until this past April. Every time they see each other they give each other big hugs!!! Thankfully, Nora's mom Amanda is a stay at home mom now and picks Dylan up from daycare to bring him to school and brings him back after! We have been very lucky that she is willing to do this for us!!! Plus, the kids get to spend that much more time together! Maybe they could be future mates! haha!!

So, 1 month in and both of them love going to school and are doing very well! We hope this continues all the way to May!!! Grant will start K next year and Dylan will move to the 4 year old class as well! This mom sure doesn't like her babies growing up this fast though!

90 Years Young!

My beautiful, young grandma celebrated her 90th birthday on August 28th. We had a family party for all her friends and family. She was overwhlemed at the amount of people that came. She had over 250 guests come to help her celebrate! It was a beautiful day and all of the family was there, which is a good thing as seeing how 45 min into the party we ran out of food!~haha I hope we have many more birthday's to celebrate with you grandma! We love you!

2 of grandma's grandsons plant a kiss! Matt and Eric thought they were pretty funny!