Friday, August 14, 2009

WeFest 2009

Well this year we decided to take some old jobs back and work Wefest. It had been a few years since we last worked and so we thought, why not see what it's like now. Well I must say, the music, people and volunteers were great, but the managers in our booth were not so great! But all in all we still had a fantastic time!!! Myself, my mom, my aunt Sharie and cousin Jami all signed up to work Thurs- Sat from 11-6. Perfect hours as we can see all the good shows at the end of the night!
Here is a group shot of cousins that came in on Saturday night to join us for the concerts. The beer is a little over $7 for 1 so we brought a cooler in and sat out by the car in between shows and drank much cheaper beer!

Jami, Matt, me and brad at the Taylor Swift concert! I had won 2 reserved seats the day before wefest so we took turns sitting in the chairs during her concert! She was so good too and the seats were only 8 rows back!!! We had so much fun!

Here is Taylor up on stage, I could only really get a good picture to turn out from the big screen. The stage was still a bit too far even with our camera to really see.

Brad, Jessica and Rien enjoying Saturday nights concerts! They came in about 6 to join us when we got off work to see Big N Rich and then Tim McGraw close out Wefest.

Tim McGraw....what more can I say!! hahah.

Well we are all looking forward to WeFest 2010 already and we have decided we will only work in our old booth where the managers are way more fun!!! Also we are hoping some other family members join us in working! We have a blast!

New cousin....Samantha!

Finally a girl to add to our families!!!! Samantha was born on August 5th and we couldn't be happier to have a niece! Sara finally has her shopping partner! hahah. Here is a picture of the newly family of 4!

Grant just loved holding Samantha. All i got from him though was why doesn't he have a sister. He got the same answer from me every time he asked, because honey you have a brother only!

Dylan really enjoyed holding his new cousin as well! So glad they were so good with her!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Night at the Redhawks game...

Well we look like we may be going to a Twins game, but instead, it was the Redhawks game and not one of us in the house has anything Redhawks to wear. So instead, we decided on wearing Twins stuff, it's baseball so that's good enough. Here are the boys getting all their gear ready for the big game!

Dylan being his silly ole self!

Grant enjoying the game with his rally hat!

Dylan watching intently on what was going on.

Brady was loving his popcorn, at one point he was 2 fisting it! Funny boy! But they all sure loved watching the game!!! We even made it to the end! First for everything huh!


The Detroit Lakes Watercarnival was always something I looked forward to going to if we were in town when I was a kid. The parade, being right on the beach after and then swimming. What more can a child ask for! So we packed up the car and headed out early Sunday morning to get great spots for the parade. Little did we know they now have the bounce houses set up in the city park, just because there wasn't enough for the kids to already do that day! Grant loves climbing up and then going down the slides, so while we waited we let the boys have some fun! it turned out to be a gorgeous day as well!

Dylan doesn't seem to like noise too much, so as you can see, he sat like this most of the parade!

Here all 3 boys didn't like the sirens! But then they seemed to get used to it!

After all was said and done, we then took them swimming at the beach for a bit before packing up to head home! All 3 boys were exhausted, so our plan worked!