Thursday, March 4, 2010

Thanks Marie!

Well again it's been a while for me, but I am starting to catch up with my own blog and others! I have to say thank you to Marie for giving me a task to write about! So here it goes:
7 interesting things about me:

1. I never enjoyed reading until about age 23. not sure what changed at that stage in my life, but before then, you couldn't pay me to read a book. Now, I have stacks of them all over my house! I love reading and wish I started much younger.

2. I love racing, speeding all things fast. I go to the NASCAR race every year in Las Vegas and in the summer hit up a bunch of local race tracks here as well. I am hoping to one day be able to get into a race car and tear it up a bit! Something about going that fast around a track and the freedom that gives you is exhilirating to me!

3. Total tomboy! Thank goodness I have boys! I always have been and always will be. I can finally say I wear dresses though now as growing up and even into high school I never wore one! sorry mom!!!

4. I don't like sweets at all. Once in a blue moon I may grab a M&M but rarely finish more than 3 of them. Now salt on the other hand, it's just awful! I can eat a bag of tortialla chips and salsa in one sitting.!

5. I have an obsession with Ranch Dressing. I have it on everything I eat and I mean everything!

6. I have only broken 1 finger and only had 10 stitches on my hand my entire lifetime thus far. I consider myself very lucky! Now with having boys as children, pretty sure that will change!

7. I love to travel!!! I hope that we get to travel until the day we can't move! I would rather live in an apartment the rest of my life than give up traveling! It's like freedom from everything for that short time you are away from home. Whether I am with my hubby and kids or with my cousins or my friends, every time I go I feel refreshed when I come home! I hope everyone has the opportunity to do that at least once in a while!

So here goes: you are it! If you read my blog, it's your turn!!! List 7 interesting or fun facts about yourself!!! Have fun with it!!!!