Monday, January 12, 2009

More Christmas

It's a slam dunk to say these boys are blessed by having Grandma's and Grandpa's in town.... but when they can have all kinds of aunts/uncles/cousins/great aunts/great uncles/great gram's. It's just that much better. As you can see, there aren't too many pictures of these boys opening presents on their own. Course, there aren't that many pictures of the boys opening their own presents either..... they're too busy opening EVERYBODY's presents..... but what's wrong with that?

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Shoot... SCORES and SKI-U-MAH

Day after Christmas was fantastic, nice enough to get the boys (and Poppa Lloyd) got outside for some boot hockey in the driveway. Yeah, they love it. For some of you North Dakota readers..... the biggest argument they have is "I'm the Gophers...... You have to be the Sioux!!" This past weekend non-withstanding
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That's a keeper!!

Uncle Matt and Amber were able to get on up here Christmas Day night, and the boys wasted NO TIME in cracking out the toys/games to show them. The one getting play here in the pictures is "Gone Fishin". Dylan wasn't so much for having the patience to actually CATCH the fish..... but he was a-o-k with Uncle Matty catching him!! I wonder if Milton Bradley has an amendment for how much a 2.5 year old boy is worth when caught on the line.....

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Nothing quite like the validation of Santa stuffing the stockings to let you know that you were a good boy or girl over the past year. I think these faces are a whole lot better than me blathering on about it...... don't you? -

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People (person) at the party get HOT HOT HOT

There are some events which truly deserve their own 15 minutes of infamy. This, is one of those stories. For however long as I can remember, I've read/heard about other people's holiday stories with that flair for the dramatic, the fantastic, the disaster-ic, you name it. But never, ever, had I experienced something like that first hand. 2008, changed all that. From an innocent beginning, Sara buttering and sugaring the lefse (homemade by the way!!), James leaning back in the corner of the countertop, and I sitting near the kitchen sink. Sara's eyes grew to the size of softballs in a quick tick and said, "FIRE", I nearly suffered 3rd degree whiplash turning my head around, figuring one of the youngn's had set the table ablaze, but as Sara took the dishcloth and started whipping James back.... there it were - FIRE!! No Animals were harmed in this action shot, but James' shirts were damaged beyond further wearing...... and after 35 Christmas seasons...... I have my story for the watercooler.
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Christmas Eve..... the beginning

I realize this first picture is going to weird some of you out - it's actually a picture us.... .well. The adults in the Anderson house. I believe this is the 3rd picture taken of just the two of us all year.....

This just in: Little boys (and children) love opening presents. And no, the Government didn't pay me 1.6 million dollars in grant money to point out that fact (but.... they probably would have if I would have asked them.... ) Christmas in the West Village (or at least West Dilworth) this year saw the 4 of us, James/Lisa/Brady and Gram Doris all getting together at Grandma and Grandpa Anderson's house for a great meal and an explosion of wrapping paper and boxes.

Just a couple other snapshots of Momma and her boys, and Grant and Dylan with Cousin Brady.

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