Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Outdoor fun with Cousin Brady!

We have to take advantage of nice days around this part of the country!! Grant loves to play baseball any chance he can get and mom really likes it when he is able to play outside rather than in the house where things can easily get broken! Brad is no help on this subject as all he wants to do is play baseball as well! Here are some shots of the boys having fun outside!
Dylan like to hang out his very own sunroof, well what he believes to be one. He thought he was pretty cool wheeling all around with this, even tipped it right off the deck and acted like nothing happened! All he said is Uh OH! The child really doesn't have any fear built into him at all!

Here is Dylan and Brady riding in their own little cars! Everytime one would get off, the other would get off and they would switch, not sure if they thought the other had a better ride or what! It was fun to watch them, they are only 2 weeks apart and boy can you tell!

Dylan absolutely loves to swing any chance he can get! It goes along with the no fear, he even jumps off the ones at the playground all the time with no warning!

Swing batter, batter swing! Grant's favorite thing to do is be outside playing baseball at all times. He has gotten so much practice as well indoors so he has gotten to become a good little hitter! Dad is hoping he will be a lefty still when he really playing, so far looks to bat and throw left, he may get his wish!

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