Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Halloween Fun!

Well this Halloween was super fun because Grant really got into the trick or treating and dressing up and the fun Halloween stuff. Dylan is also figuring out that you get dressed up and walk around and say trick or treat and people give you candy which he thought was great! He also wanted to sleep with his costume on! Here the kids are with their pumpkins, they both wanted bats with a moon, but we only got 1 out of the 2 done that way as you can see. The 2nd child never gets much say in things that's for sure!

Dylan was Elmo this year as you can see and picked out his own costume, as soon as he saw this in the store he wouldn't let go yelling mo,mo the whole time!!! Here he is being goofy, like usual, by pulling the head piece down over this face so you can't see his face. He knew we were taking pictures and decided he was done with pictures.
Here he finally pulled it up so we could see his sweet innocent little face! hahah.
Here is both of them dressed up. Grant was a Twins baseball play, Justin Morneau to be exact! He wouldn't put his glove down all night, even with his bucket full of candy that glove never came off his hand! It was absolutely beautiful outside as you can see which made for a great night outdoors!

The 3 cousins after trick or treating!!! Brady was Jeff Gordon as you can see and the 3 of them had so much fun!!! We can't wait for next year already and Grant thinks he already knows what he wants to be next year!! That will change a hundred times between now and then that's for sure!

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