Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2nd child first day ...

Well the youngest child didn't get shut out, he did get to start his school as well. Just had to wait a week before it was his turn!~ For his birthday he got a new Toy Story backpack which he is very proud of as well! Dylan goes 2 days a week to preschool and actually his classroom happens to be right next door to Grant's, so he gets to see his big brother on those days! Dylan will have 2 years of preschool to go before starting Kindergarten as well...those summer birthday's will do that to you! But seeing how much the 2nd year helped Grant we didn't even question it with Dylan. So he is halfway through his first year and will have just next year left! He can't wait until summer when Grant is back at daycare full time again either!

Both boys showing off their backpacks and ready for the day of school! Dylan has to head to daycare in the mornings still as his school doesn't start until 12:30. His grandpa picks him up every Monday and Wednesday and takes him to school and his best friend Nora's mom picks him up from school every afternoon to take him back to daycare and he waits patiently for Grant to get off the bus!

Momma and her boys! They are growing up way too fast!

Dylan and his best friend Nora at their table at school ready to start their day. We are so lucky he has her around! They are such good buds! She tells him they are going to get married when they are old enough though, i will have to keep an eye on her when they are in their teens! haha

Dylan standing proudly by his cubby at school ready for his big day to begin. We have come to find as the boys get older how much the 2nd born feels he is left out of everything that his big brother gets to do and trying to explain to a 4 year old you just have to wait until you are that age to do things doesn't always go as planned. Dylan, you are never 2nd in our minds and have a way of making a room light up with your smile and expressions. Your personality is full of life and you are the best little brother anyone could ask for. We love you lots!!!

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Marie said...

I love this post! The boys ARE growing up way to fast; scares me. I remember when they were born.

We so appreciate your friendship and look forward to many more years of happy times together. Ditto to you, we had a great time on Sunday.