Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Fun in the backyard!

We bought the boys a playhouse for their birthdays this year and set it up a little early so they can enjoy it before summer is over! They can play for hours which is great for us, we can do yardwork while they play! Here is Grant being silly like usual and Dylan just loves to sit and ring the doorbell the whole time!

We also bought a bigger pool! The small one we once had was all of a sudden not large enough for both of them to play in at the same time, so we bought a little bit bigger one! Grant thinks we need to have those huge above ground ones, I told him maybe when they are a little older we will think about it! Here cousin Brady came over to play with the boys. THey like to put their chairs in the pool and relax a bit as well! They also have a Cars water mat they run on and it shoots water up, they go from that and then run and jump into the pool!

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