Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Birthday Party!

The big bash was held the Friday in between the boys' birthday's. I can still do a combined one until they each want their own and are old enough so for now, we do them together! Here is Grant and his cousins Luke and Logan having fun in the playhouse the boys got from us for their Birthday's. It was a gorgeous day and warm so the kids had fun playing in the pool and in the playhouse! Hard to get them out!!

Nora had so much fun in the pool with the boys. She goes to daycare with them and they all get a long great!! She can keep up with my 2 just fine! She is about 6 weeks older than Dylan and they are best buds!
Dylan received Grant's old bike so Uncle Marc and Amanda gave him his own bike helmet and gear! He wants to wear it all the time! Even in the house! Here is Dylan at his best! Saying "Hi" with all his gear on and ready to go find that bike!!!

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