Thursday, June 25, 2009

Wicsonsin Cheese, Here I come!

Well we decided it was time for a family vacation. No, we didn't take the easy way and fly, we decided to pack up "Big Red" and head out for a week of relaxation! The boys were ready to go as soon as we mentioned Water Park!!

Grant loved this part of the water park. it was only about 2 feet deep and had kid slides that he could go down without his parents! he thought that was great!! They even had smaller ones that Dylan enjoyed going down as well!

Mt Olympus Theme park has so much stuff for kids to do it was hard to decide what to do first! The boys decided they wanted to try a few rides first so they did the plane ride and then took a train ride. Next they decided they wanted to try the go karts, well needless to say that was their favorite!! But then Grant decided it was time to try the roller coaster! I was schocked! But up the stairs he went, got in the seat and loved every minute of it!

Dylan and Grant now want to go Mini Golfing every day!! They did great and enjoyed being out there on the course that they can hit balls into the hole in less than 7 swings! I think that goes for mom too!

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