Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Chicago Day 2!

We started out heading to the zoo as it was lightly raining out but was to clear up
around noon. It worked out great as the zoo wasn't too busy and the boys were able to
get right up close to see all the animals.

Here is a photo right out of the Mary Poppins movie! how classic!! They had more fun
with the umbrellas!

Here is some poses next to some of the beautiful animals we saw that day! Only took us about 4 hours for the whole thing and the kids loved it!

This is the start of craziness that is Navy Pier. By noon it had cleared up but was cool by the lake. The entire upstairs portion of the pier is made just for kids! They went on the carousel ride a few times of course, then we just had to play a round of mini golf. Then we talked them into going on the ferris wheel.

Thomas the train choo-choo ride!

Here is a view from almost the top of the ferris wheel. What an amazing view from up there. Anyone who goes to Navy Pier, must take a ride on this! If we didn't have the kiddos, I think night time would be great to see as well!

Night time view from the end of the pier looking on the city skyline! what a site!

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