Thursday, July 9, 2009

4th of July Weekend

We had a great 4th at the lakes! Warm weather every day, doesn't happen often in Minnesota! The boys enjoy swimming and boating. The lake was so calm were on the boats until around 8pm!
John and Dylie posing for Jess!

The sun was too bright and it was a tad windy, so Jessi gave Dylan her sunglasses to wear and they wrapped a towel around him to keep warm, I just love those glasses!

Grant is such a fish and is getting to be such a great swimmer! As long as he has those wings on he goes everywhere on his own!

Here is Dylan and Grant with Jessi and Teresa ready to go out on the lake so Eric can go skiing!

After skiing!

Grant had to put on Eric's glasses too, aren't they cool! haha

Matt and Eric enjoying lake life! Boat, beer and sun! what more can you ask for!

We of course had to participate in the golf cart parade. This year was our best decorating year yet!! And still we got shut out of winning!! Look out people, next year they won't know what hit them!

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