Thursday, August 13, 2009


The Detroit Lakes Watercarnival was always something I looked forward to going to if we were in town when I was a kid. The parade, being right on the beach after and then swimming. What more can a child ask for! So we packed up the car and headed out early Sunday morning to get great spots for the parade. Little did we know they now have the bounce houses set up in the city park, just because there wasn't enough for the kids to already do that day! Grant loves climbing up and then going down the slides, so while we waited we let the boys have some fun! it turned out to be a gorgeous day as well!

Dylan doesn't seem to like noise too much, so as you can see, he sat like this most of the parade!

Here all 3 boys didn't like the sirens! But then they seemed to get used to it!

After all was said and done, we then took them swimming at the beach for a bit before packing up to head home! All 3 boys were exhausted, so our plan worked!

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