Friday, August 14, 2009

WeFest 2009

Well this year we decided to take some old jobs back and work Wefest. It had been a few years since we last worked and so we thought, why not see what it's like now. Well I must say, the music, people and volunteers were great, but the managers in our booth were not so great! But all in all we still had a fantastic time!!! Myself, my mom, my aunt Sharie and cousin Jami all signed up to work Thurs- Sat from 11-6. Perfect hours as we can see all the good shows at the end of the night!
Here is a group shot of cousins that came in on Saturday night to join us for the concerts. The beer is a little over $7 for 1 so we brought a cooler in and sat out by the car in between shows and drank much cheaper beer!

Jami, Matt, me and brad at the Taylor Swift concert! I had won 2 reserved seats the day before wefest so we took turns sitting in the chairs during her concert! She was so good too and the seats were only 8 rows back!!! We had so much fun!

Here is Taylor up on stage, I could only really get a good picture to turn out from the big screen. The stage was still a bit too far even with our camera to really see.

Brad, Jessica and Rien enjoying Saturday nights concerts! They came in about 6 to join us when we got off work to see Big N Rich and then Tim McGraw close out Wefest.

Tim McGraw....what more can I say!! hahah.

Well we are all looking forward to WeFest 2010 already and we have decided we will only work in our old booth where the managers are way more fun!!! Also we are hoping some other family members join us in working! We have a blast!

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Marie said...

Yikes - I needed to catch up on your entries! I'm so glad you enjoyed We Fest - I still don't have the heart for it, but maybe someday.

The pics are fantastic in all of the recent posts. Thanks for sharing!