Friday, June 11, 2010

Target Field!

Ahhh, one of best days...Outdoor baseball! Finally! We were lucky enough to attend the 2nd game at Target Field. The boys were soooo excited to go! What a stadium! Perfect day in early April, 70 plus degrees!
Entering the field at of course, Gate 34! boys have their Twins backpacks on and ready to go!

Household name at our house! JUSTIN!!

We were walking around the concourse and happen to see the FSN crew doing their show. Grant recognized them right away. Anthony and Coomer! They were having a good time!

What a great looking field! We were 3 rows from the top but it didn't matter, there isn't a bad seat in that stadium!

Boys in their seats and ready to go!

This is pretty much how the boys watched the entire game...through binocs! We even had to buy another set so they each had their own! Not sure why they felt the need to have them the entire game, but it worked!

AHHH the PLAZA! Here is KIRBY! What a great player!~

I love this picture, shows just how big that Gold Glove really is! The boys look like ants!

After game WIN! What a great game it was!

We are so looking forward to our next game and the next.... Good thing we don't live closer as I think most of our money would be going into that Stadium! GO TWINS!

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