Friday, June 11, 2010

Fargo Marathon 10K

Well it was that time of year again....The Fargo Marathon. Last year I signed up for my very first 5K and did fairly well and didn't mind the training as much as I thought I would. This year, my friends said, let's try the 10K instead this year. Double what we did last year. So in my head I'm thinking, okay 6.2 miles, it's doable. Instead of my regular 3 mile runs I would have to increase that to at least 5 mile runs if not 6 mile runs. Well little did I know we would move into a new house 2 weeks before the Marathon, not a good idea .... Little to no training for the 3 weeks prior to the run! Oh well, what could I do about it at that point, but just run!

Here is me, Karlye and Katie going out of the dome heading to the start line..Weather this year wasn't as nearly as cold as it was last year, but it did rain the entire race! Dont' ya just love our matching shirts, we didn't want people to miss us. They say RUN LIKE HELL!

On the course about mile 3, still doing okay, just soaking wet and not looking very attractive, good thing I didn't wear White huh!

Coming in for the big this point I was ready to be done. My shoelace came untied with about .5 to go, but I wasn't about to stop to tie it. Coming in was such an amazing feeling again! Never gets old coming to the end and feeling like you have accomplished something you never thought you could!

Face is a little red, but I didn't care! I was happy to cross that line in just over 1 hour! 1 hour to be exact and 55 seconds! My goal was 1 hour, so not too bad.

AHH done! Katie coming in right behind me! We lost Karlye at some point when she stopped to get water and we kept going. Sorry Karlye!

I cannot wait for next year's race and who knows what I will do next year! I am planning on running a few 5 and 10K runs this summer to keep in the running mode and there is 2 half marathons this fall I may try out...Only time will tell!


Michele said...

Good for you Sara! That's awesome that you finished even with everything you had going on. I've lost my running groove the last few weeks but hope to get back on track! Keep it up!

Mom, Dad, Grant and Dylan said...

Thanks Michelle! I am hoping to complete a half marathon yet this year, but we will have to see how much I keep up with the running through the rest of the summer. It's strange, I don't love running, but feel some an accomplishment when finished! Not sure how you feel about it, but not something I ever thought I would pick up on!