Thursday, July 29, 2010

4th of July!

Our annual 4th of July Golf Cart parade at the lake! The boys look foward to this every year! We decorate the cart all up and drive around the campground with other golf carts and throw candy out! Here is our prize winning golf cart from this year! Grant is up front with me and Dylan is in the back with Jessica and Grace!

Here is the back view of our cart! Grace was almost asleep here!

Close up of some of our decorations! we had so much fun!

On to the fireworks show! Dylan never made it! He slept in the car right threw them. We parked about a few blocks away from MSUM to watch the fireworks so that Dylan could sleep still.

Grant and I in the front seat waiting for the show to start!

Beautiful! I absolutely love the 4th of July and fireworks!! Grant doesn't care so much for the loud ones and it's a good thing Dylan was sleeping as he doesn't either!

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