Thursday, October 28, 2010

Twins game

Well we made it to 2 games this year at the new stadium and for that we were happy! The boys got to go with for both of them, which they loved! There were 12 of us all together that went, so it was a lot of fun. My parents, both brothers, girlfriends, Brad's parents and our family!

Grant doing a pose! He was just happy he was tall enough to grab the bat!

Dylan during the game was all ready with his rally hat! It was a beautiful night out as well! Very humid but still nice! We weren't complaining a bit!

I just love these pictures with Mickey. Dylan found Mickey and was over the top excited. I think we ended up with about 15 pictures of him, but I will only post these ones! He kept telling, me take 1 more picture mom! As you can see by his expression, he was quite excited!

After the Twins win! I love how Grant snuck into the picture with me and my mom!

Dylan being Dylan. Here they are with my brother Marc and his girlfriend Amanda! It was their first game and they had a great time! I think we need to buy my brother some Twins gear! hint, hint

Grant was off running so we only got Dylan in this picture with Brad's parents. This was their first game as well and they too had a great time!

Dylan with my mom again being silly!

2010 season is over, but we are hoping to make it to a few more games next year as well! So happy to have outdoor baseball again!

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