Monday, September 20, 2010

Birthday Palooza!

We started out the morning of July 9th with a day off of play with the boys. It was Grant's 6th birthday on that friday morning and their big party was that night. So we decided to spend some time with them before everyone else came to celebrate! We asked them what they wanted to do and of course they picked to go mini-golfing! The boys love to play and they seem to beat us every time! Not sure how that works! Next it was off to lunch, then home to rest a bit before some 50 people came over to help them celebrate their big days!

Look at the 2 pros out there! It turned out to be a gorgeous day about 86 and no one on the course! even better!

Stop for a quick shot!

In front of their favorite hole, with water of course!

I am going to split these posts up otherwise they will be just way too long. So this was our morning activities. No pictures from lunch, we went to space aliens though.

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