Monday, January 10, 2011

2nd Annual Pray for Gray event

This event is so special to me and my family. My cousin Julie as pictured below with myself and my mom was diagnosed with brain cancer back in 2007. She has had surgery to remove the tumor followed by chemo and radiation. As of today, it's still inactive! It was stage 4 so it's still in the brain but for the most part, it was all removed except for the feet. She is an amazing, inspiring and giving woman! She is my hero! She started this event after attending a fundraiser for Brain cancer in Minneapolis. She found out that ND did not have a chapter for Brain cancer so she decided to start her own. She has been extremely successful with this event and we hope it continues forever!

My cousins Brittany and Ryan! Love them but holy crap can you believe how much taller they are then me!!! and how much younger they are than me!!!

My wonderful friend Stefanie joined me this year in this wonderful cause! I was so thankful she was able to come with me to wintess this great event!!! I hope you can come every year from now on with me and hope to get some more of my friends to join us!

Mi familia! My cousin Jodi and her sister Jami! They are both sisters of Julie! Notice the height differerence again! Apparently I should have been in their family! hahha! Love these 2 like they were my sisters!

My mom, Stef and myself. Self portrait of course, can't go an entire night without one of those! Not sure what I would do without these two wonderful women in my life! In fact, all of them!
My momma's big sister and Julie's mom Big Red aka "Sharie". Love her like she was my own momma! She is one strong and supportive mom to all of her children and family! We love you big red!

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Marie said...

So glad it went well again!