Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Blizzard 2008

How do you keep from going stir crazy during the Blizzard of the Century you ask? - easy, you just don't let anybody get out of their pajamas. The boys were pretty cool with Mom and Dad being around all day Saturday, Sunday, and Monday due to that little bitty 10" of snow and 40mph winds that lasted the better part of 2 days. Sara and I like to think we were rather intelligent, in that we stopped at the video store on Friday afternoon to pick up some games for the Wii and movies for the boys. All in all, save for the snowblowing and shoveling that were involved, it was a really relaxing 'staycation' at home.
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Marie said...

Your blog is looking fabulous! I love it. By the way, your Christmas letter was the absolute best we've received. Dylan sure is a talented writer - maybe you should send a manuscript to a publisher??