Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Tree Time!

Nothing is quite so fun as watching the boys decorate the tree - nothing, except watch Sara decorate the tree. I'm 100% safe in saying that if Sara could, this tree would have been put up about 5 minutes after we got home on Thanksgiving night.

Finally, about a week and change later, Sara got her wish, and a MASSIVE Balsam fir had taken up residence in the living room. I don't use 'massive' in a light term, as I'm serious, this things uh.... branch-span, is a little taller than my 6'1" frame, so far, so good, we haven't found any woodland creatures in it, nor lost any children wandering amongst it's branches.

It's kinda tough making sure the little men understand that Christmas is about more than the tree, the lights, and the presents, but, they're only 4 and 2, so we'll cut them some slack.

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