Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas picture taking

There are a million things that are too cool to describe about being parents, and only a handful that are "rewarding only after great turmoil". Taking the Christmas picture is one of those handful kinda things. It usually entails getting the boys on a night where they're not too tired, not too wound up, not too distracted, not too hungry, not to full, and a lot of other things. Then, you have to find one or two people to take pictures in rapid fire style, and another couple people to stand behind them, making complete and total fools of themselves in pursuit of getting the boys to look the right direction, and make it look like they're enjoying themselves while the flashes pop.

As we're taking this picture, I keep thinking....... how in the world did our parents not kill us while we were screwing up in the time before digital photography?!??

Anywho - here's the picture of the four of us that became our Christmas Card, as well as Brad's folks' card with their three Grandkids (Cuzin Brady included)
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