Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Turkey day the entire family was at Grandma and Poppa Anderson's house this turn of the calendar. The boys loved the meal, the playtime with Cousin Brady, the second meal, more playtime and reading books with Poppa Jerry and Great-Gram Doris (If you see this, don't tell her she's on the internet in a picture ANYWHERE, she'll let me hear it for a good long while!)

Grant even picked up a new favorite dice game called farkel - yes, you read that right, we're encouraging a 4 year old to shoot dice for points and profit (chill - we were playing for lefse leftovers)

The picture at the bottom is a good one, the boys were riding their favorite pack animal - Aunt Lisa, and about 2 seconds after this picture is taken, Dylan decided to get off rather abruptly and kissed the hardwood floor..... with his forehead - talk about unrequited love eh?

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