Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Christmas Day!

Christmas Day we spent with Brad's side of the family this year! Which is crazy now that there are 4 children involved! Man have we come a long way in 6 years! But it's so much more fun now with all of them! Next year Samantha will be able to hold her own with the 3 boys I think! She just sat and watched the craziness that was 3 boys destroying their presents!

Grant, Dylan and Brady all got scooters from James and Lisa this year! They absolutely love them and have been trying desperately to use them inside instead of waiting until it's nice out to take them around the block! Look out when spring hits!

Grant absolutely adores his cousin! He is so good with her and is always concerned when she is crying if she is okay or something is wrong! I love how he has taken on the older child role so well!~ Not so much with his own brother, but for sure with his cousins!

Generations!!! Here is Great-Grandma Doris, Grandma Jane and the boys! The grandchildren give Great Grandma a calendar every year with pictures of them on it! Here they are all looking through it for the 10th time I'm sure! She loves this gift!!!

Next year we will spend Christmas Eve with Brad's side and either Christmas Day or whatever works to get all of us together for my side of the family! The boys right now are asking when Summer is coming, but by about September already start asking when Christmas is going to be here. I tell them sooner than you think!

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