Tuesday, February 16, 2010

New Years Eve!

With kids, New Years takes on a whole different planning event. Last year was our first year we did anything without the children which before that since Grant was an infant we have spent it with them. Last year was a lot of fun, but wow do you realize how fast you get tired! No more staying up until 2-3am like we once did on New Years! This year we thought we should do something both the kids and the adults would enjoy! We got tickets to the Fargo Force Hockey game and they had bounce houses set up before the game for the kids! We thought what a great idea! And it truly was! All of us enjoyed the entire night! The place was packed with other families having the same idea as us! Something we can all enjoy!

Grant and Kai stick pretty close to each other in our group of friends that went to the game. The Holm's and Retzer's joined us as did my folks for the game! We got there early so the kids could jump in the houses and then found our seats for the game! Here are some snap shots of the kids during the game holding up their Force signs!

These 2 crack me up! They were doing a play by play to each other throughout the entire game! I love that they get along so well!

We are very thankful for our friendship's with these 2 families! The kids get along great and us Mom's can have fun doing anything together! The dad's well, they are men, they don't really care what they are doing! Hoping we can make this a yearly tradition for us as we had such fun!!

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