Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Christmas Eve!

Finally!!! I'm getting around to something that happened almost 2 months ago! I know, sad huh! Oh well, better late then Never!!!

Each year Brad and I split the Holiday's with our parents. They both celebrate on Christmas Eve so we have decided it's easier to go 1 year to one place and the next to the other. We used to do both in 1 night, now with 2 kids, we aren't that crazy! haha. This year was with my family! My brother and his girlfriend came up Wednesday before Christmas Eve and were stuck here until Sunday! They were to go home on Friday but with all the snow and blizzard weather we had, no one was going anywhere! We enjoyed having them here though! The boys woke up on Monday and asked why they weren't there!
Jessica and her boys! Only until April when her 1st child arrives! and it's a GIRL!!!
Boys opening 1 of their several gifts! Why is it that everyone feels they need
to spoil children????
Here is the gift that the boys gave Eric and Jess. It's a daddy toolbelt! It had essential stuff
packed away in the pockets for diaper changing! Doesn't he look great already!
Papa and his boys! Like their matching Pj's they got??
This time of year is so magical for kids! I think that's why us parents like it so much and don't let the craziness of the season bring us down! I have learned each year something new from the eyes of my children! May we never lose sight of the reason we celebrate Christmas!

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