Tuesday, February 16, 2010


The day the boys were looking forward to once we told them, they would be going to a Gopher Hockey game! This day couldn't come fast enough for them! Or for us for that matter! My cousin Eric is married to a wonderful girl Jessica. Her dad gets a suite for the Gopher vs Sioux game down in Minneapolis every year they play each other! She is nice enough to invite us to go along with them and enjoy the great rivalry. This year, the boys were lucky enough to join us as she had 2 extra tickets! What fun they had!!!

Here is a group shot of all 17 of us, I believe! Mostly family is there but a few of Eric and Jess' s friends come with too! WE keep telling Jess she only needs to be inviting Gopher fans! haha!

Jess, Katie and myself in the suite. Usually our annual picture includes my brother's girlfriends but neither of them were able to attend this year. They missed out on some great fun! Hopefully next year they will be back!

Family picture in the suite looking out onto the ice after the Game! What a great game it was too!~ The suite is just above the student section and band so the boys had a blast watching all of them! Also, Doug Woog sat in the suite next to us this year!

The boys! This is where the watched some of the game! Up high so they can see better!

The boys ran to the front row seats in the suite as soon as we walked in the door! They didn't move from those seats either for a long time! Even made me bring them food down to them cause they didn't want to miss anything!!! They enjoy the sport of hockey so much! I just hope they never want to play! haha!

Thanks Jess and Dave for a great night! Can't wait for next year!! Hopefully we will see a win instead of a tie!

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Marie said...

Looks like you had a great time! I'm envious! Thanks for sharing this.