Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Dylan's graduation!

Well another school year in the books for Dylan! One more year left of pre-school and he will be off to Kindergarten! Can't believe by next year I will have 2 kids in school full time! Scary thought!
Here Dylan is with his class getting ready to sing some songs!

Proud big brother with the graduate!

Dylan and his best friend Nora. They have been together since birth almost! Started daycare together when they were each about 8 weeks old. Little sad as Nora is moving on to Kindergarten this year, she is a few months older than Dylan.

Great grandma Lois with the newly graduate, well almost anyway!

Danica, Dylan and Nora! Jeepers, I am going to have to watch these girls as he gets a bit older! Just call me Hef is what I think his response would be!

One more year to go and we are done with Pre-school for good! Sad to see some of his friends move on, but he will make many new ones next year as well!

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