Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Vegas baby!

Well another March came and went and another year at the Vegas racetrack! This was our 9th year now! Can't believe the 7 of us have been going that long! Something I look forward to every year with my family! Here are my cousins Jill and Jami at saturday's race! Great day at the track!

My cousin Jodi, my mom and aunt Sharie enjoying the race on Saturday!

This was taken during Sunday's race! Another gorgeous day out there. Only thing is it gets a bit windy from our seats! We sit about 8 rows up from the racetrack!

6 of us during the race! Ready to go! Still early though!

Jeff Gordon and Front Row Joe during driver introductions!

Had to get an up close and personal look at Junior's car before the race!

Tailgaiting after the race! It's about 5pm out there and clouds had just moved it, but we didn't care! Enjoying our beer!

Us again minus me!

Next year is the big 10! Not sure yet, but we are going to do it big. Maybe a big show or 2 or pit passes!!!!! Can't wait ladies!

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